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International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day. A day when we take a moment to reflect and celebrate women's rights and our achievements in this world. We also take a moment to encourage and empower our sisters, nieces, aunties, mothers and girlfriends to do whatever they damn well choose! Ten years ago I did just that and took a big leap by giving up a well paid job in London and putting my dream of owning my own skincare brand into practice. Having worked in the beauty industryfor 8 years I knew I wanted to offer women something different. A simple, fuss-free skincare line which was completely natural and free from any chemical nasties, but yet was affordable and didn't come with the overinflated price points of other organic brands. From all my experience I knew this dream was possible but as with everything it came with some sacrifices and risks. Getting investors on board, juggling starting a family and having no fixed income for a longtime was scary! However fast forward 10 years and Laidbare is now stocked in over 48 retailers and 12 markets. We are still quite little (in comparison to many other brands) and most importantly to me, are an all-girl team ūü§õ In fact we've just recruited our 5th female to the Laidbare family! Empowering other women and particularly other mums to be able to work as well as be able to enjoy their family time is super important and I will continue to support others, like me, to live their dream, always. Love Sarah xx

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