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Laidbare’s Pack Your Bags Eyecream - @beautyrocksblog

Super chic and hip Jamie Rockers @beautyrocksblog tested out Laidbare’s Pack Your Bags Eyecream...

"I’m the kind of unlucky soul who cannot get away with less than 8 hours of sleep and also cannot get away with looking like I’ve had 8 hours of sleep when I’ve definitely had less, Yes eye bags, I’m talking to you. And let’s not even get into the whole ageing thing because I hate to say it but the eye bags do get worse as you get older! Therefore, I was more than happy to test out the @laidbareskincare Pack Your Bags Lighten and Tighten Eye Cream. It contains Buckwheat Wax that helps reduce dark circles and puffiness, our friend Shea Butter to hydrate and an Eyebright complex to brighten the skin (no redness!). So if you get tired eyes like me, this is one to try as I've found it good at both brightening and de-puffing. Good for traveling too (those red-eye flights are exactly as described)."

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