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Three Trends We Can Expect From The Natural Skincare Market In 2019

Consumers are becoming much more aware of how they cleanse their skin throughout the day and what goes into their skincare routine. As a result, natural and organic skincare continues to gain popularity in the United Kingdom and around the world, blossoming in the last decade. By 2025, the global organic personal care market is slated to surpass $25.1 billion. More locally, the growth rate continues to top 20 percent annually in the United Kingdom. There's no question; there is a growing demand for green products from consumers and skincare companies are answering their requests. Check out a few of the latest trends hitting the natural skincare market.

Harnessing The Power Of Foods

More skincare brands are launching products with food ingredients as the selling point. This demonstrates in the improving realisation surrounding the impact and power that fruit and vegetables can have on our bodies including our skin. An age-old suggestion when it comes to getting perfect skin is to perfect your diet with the inclusion of varied fruits and vegetables. Similar to the 2018 wave of Asian hydration skincare products, the market can expect to see many more launches centering on the ingredients found in everyday ingredients in our kitchens. Products such as Elemis’ new superfood jelly exfoliator or Laidbare’s 9 to 5 Anti Aging Cream both include fruit-derived ingredients from blackcurrant and peach. Plant-based ingredients such as kale, aloe, and algae are also making a splash in the green skincare and beauty market; further fuelling the changing preferences for personal products this year

Boosting Skin with Antioxidants

It's all about antioxidants when it comes to skincare in 2019. Much has been studied and publicised about the benefits that antioxidants can have on our skin. Some of them include improved collagen function and cell elasticity along with reduced discolouration. With this in mind, natural skincare brands have begun to focus on products with ingredients such as Vitamin C that act as antioxidants for your skin. Products are not just limited to facial skincare either; recent launches including The Butter Me Up Organic Body Butter from LaidBare contains Vitamin C alongside both Avocado and Rosehip Oil, which means your entire skin can benefit from the moisturising and radiance perks.

Alicia Evans 

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