Our Brands

Touch my face ltd evolved following my discovery of unique brands from overseas. Today we have a strong portfolio of Beauty Brands offering fragrance, premium skincare, colour cosmetics, organic home fragrance and male grooming.

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ was established in 2002 as a line of multi-tasking products that help skin meet its most beautiful potential – providing dramatic results within days and a long-term transformation with continued use.

Inspired by his loyal following, Dr. Gross formulates every product himself, combining a blend of the best natural antioxidants, vitamins and botanicals with the most scientifically advanced delivery systems.

Best Seller Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel Extra Strength 60 Days

Premium Cosmaceutical Skincare. RRP’s £15.00 to £125.00.



NVEY ECO Pure Organic Make-up ArtistryNvey Eco offers a true organic cosmetics line that fuses fashion and nature. The high performance of Nvey Eco organic makeup is achieved without the use of chemical ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances and with a cruelty-free guarantee.

Nvey Eco is made with the most natural organic ingredients and mineral pigments to deliver the high performance colour that Nvey Make-up is known for.

RRP’s £13.75 to £29.50



Epic Blend is a collection of Petroleum-Free balms with contemporary packaging, great flavours, and superior performance.

And, they had to have a smooth glide, be made from natural ingredients, and be long lasting.

Hemp Vanilla, Hemp Coconut, and Hemp Mint were our flagship products. Since then, we've added more flavours to our Hemp Collection, a beeswax-free Vegan Collection for all our Vegan pals, a More Moisture Collection for people who need something a bit heavier, and a Tinted Balm for when a touch of color is in order.

‘We design lip balm for people living a healthy balanced lifestyle in today’s modern world’.

RPP £ 3.99


Chip resistant
, and extremely long-lasting without the risk of breakage. Luxuroius caviar has been added to nourish nails. If you are wondering where the caviar fits in, it is all to do with the high content of nutritious essential amino acids and minerals found in the luxurious micro eggs.

All FNUG Nail Polish:
No Formaldehyde, Toulene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP)

RRP’s £12.00


Infusion Organique is the first home fragrance and personal care product line that conscientiously blends the right combination of organically and scientifically derived ingredients to make today's most responsible and effective brand.

RRP’s £10.49 to £42.00


Since 2003, San Francisco-based Pacific Shaving Company has been the leader in natural & eco-friendly shaving products for men and women.

Pacific Shaving can be compared to King of Shaves, but a natural alternative.

RRP’s are between £5.49 - £6.99 

Pacific Shaving offers superior performance, with six innovative grooming  products.



Good for the skin: 

Innovative products using natural and safe ingredients

Good for the wallet:                          

Affordable luxuries at attractive price points

Good for the earth:                           

Minimal packaging, domestic manufacturing,
corporate responsibility



A LIFE'S JOURNEYBasking in the ocean does more than soothe the spirit — it soothes the skin. But, how can we bring the ocean’s bounty into everyday life?

Seaweed Bath Co. was born from the belief that healthy hydration is the basis of true beauty. Bladderwrack seaweed is steeped in the ocean’s nutrient-rich waters — and a natural inflammation fighter — this wild brown seaweed has the power to revitalize stressed skin of all types.

£12.00 -15.00



CV Skinlabs has successfully developed a natural skin care line of four multi-tasking products that has an unprecedented standard for safety—plus the potent ingredients to return to skin a youthful radiance and glow.

“I tried the R + R Spray during testing and I loved it! I have Psoriasis on my scalp and it extends down onto the back of my neck. I would spray it on and it would soften the tight, dry and itchy area of my neck and scalp. I felt relief soon after I sprayed it on. The other thing I love about it is the texture. Other ointments I’ve used are heavy, thick or oily and smelly. They are often hard to wash out of my hair and make my hair greasy when applied. The R+R Spray was so light and non greasy that I could put my hair up after application and it wouldn’t make me self conscious at all, my hair would dry. Thank you so much for a great product!”

“This is one of those indispensable products – it soothes bites, stings, unidentified itches, dry skin, chapped lips. The ingredients are wonderful – natural and doing good things. Restorative Skin Balm has completely replaced Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour in my bathroom and purse.”

“I waited to use this specifically after I did a peel. My skin was on fire because I had used a new brand. I have to say without any doubt that my skin was IMMEDIATELY calmed by this cream. Calming Moisture is a wonder. It works! It was like I put out a fire. Not only did it calm my skin but it took away the redness too. I was in shock because I have never seen a cream that did this before. This is one I highly recommend for anyone with very sensitive skin. I am in love with this cream. It’s amazing.”

“I love your products. They helped me get through radiation treatments for breast cancer. I recommend them highly. I even used the rescue/relief spray on my irritated scalp after Losing my hair from chemotherapy. I will continue to use your products even now that I am finished with treatment.”

RRP £27.49 - £51.99